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Many Ways, partenaire textile officiel de la Fête des Vignerons 2019.

Commerce de Fer


Commerce de Fer is a Friborg-based company specializing in metals.

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Development of a personalized design

Choice of articles, objects,
 textiles, etc

Choice of fabrication location


Brainstorming with the customer who was planning to change the uniform of its employees in several of its companies.

Work around the name of the entreprise before designing the products. The client planned to make hoodies as well as t-shirts.

The client chose to produce cotton hoodies and t-shirts using high-quality cotton. We worked with the various codes and pictograms representing the different activities of the client’s company.

The hoodies were produced in Asia, while the t-shirts were made in Portugal.

Six to eight weeks of production time was required for the delivery of these items.

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