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Many Ways, partenaire textile officiel de la Fête des Vignerons 2019.

Madrid Open


The Madrid Open tournament is a male ATP tennis tournament, and part of the female WTA circuit.

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case preview
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Development of a personalized design

Choice of articles, objects,
 textiles, etc

Choice of fabrication location


Brainstorming with the client on the target and the universe of tennis; The customer wanted us to respect their logo and colors, which needed to be young and modern to fit the tennis world.

Original t-shirts and caps that reflected the image of the brand. Adherence to the requested colour palette on the new design, in order to respect the customer's request and stay close to their established graphic universe.

A series of textiles focusing on sport and youth.

Manufactured hoodies and printed the t-shirts in Spain for greater flexibility in terms of the replenishing stocks should the client require additional materials before the event.

Delivery 1 month before set up of the event.

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